Tickets kaufen Wheels and Tracks 2019

06. -08. August 2021


 Important Message

Dear friends of Wheels & Tracks, with a heavy heart, we have toannounce to you that the event will have to be postponed until thecoming year 2021 in 2020. The regulation is based on the major eventsup to and including 31. It was banned by the Covid 19 crisis in August2020. Every day we hoped to see the easing in force, which could stillallow us to carry it out under conditions. We have now decided on the next event on the weekend of the

6TH. TO 8. AUGUST 2021.

For all those who have already purchased tickets for thisyear, the validity of course already exists for 2021. Of course, purchased tickets can also be refunded. For this purpose, you willshortly receive an e-mail from the service provider Reservix.

Welcome to the official website of Wheels & Tracks - Living Legends 


On the weekend of 22.-23. August 2020, the second edition of Wheels & Tracks starts in Laubus-Eschbach near Frankfurt Main. Wheels & Tracks focusses on the military automotive engineering of many nations that were involved during the Second World War.  Visitors have the opportunity to ride along, visit the big market where spare parts, books and much more are offered or get yourself transported back to the time of the 1940s.

Wheels & Tracks-Living Legends is a special event for the whole family. A colorful program for young and old completes the event.




Experience rare military vehicles from the Second World War. From tanks to halftracks, trucks or motorcycles, WHEELS & TRACKS is more than just a show.
On the 1,5 km long trail, visitors have the opportunity to ride along on some of the vehicles. Tickets therefor can be bought at the show grounds.


A special experience for the whole Family! An exciting program for children completes the event.

In Memory of Bart Vanderveen


Next to the show, there will also be a large market, where spare parts, books and many more can be offered.

Swing-evening on Saturday

Another highlight is the big Swing-evening on Saturday with Big Band and a showprogram.


The entrance for the Swing-evening is free !



Single Day Ticket Saturday

€ 15,00

Single Day Ticket Children (4 – 12 years) Saturday

€ 9,00




€ 25,00

Single Day Ticket Sunday

€ 15,00

Single Day Ticket Children (4 – 12 years) Sunday

€ 9,00

Two Day Ticket

€ 25,00

Two Day Ticket Children (4 – 12 years)

€ 15,00

Combined Ticket (Two Day Ticket + Evening Event)

€ 35,00


Important Information

All prices including sales charges. 

Limited amount of tickets. Make sure to book your tickets in time. Tickets for rides can be purchased on the premises.


During the event, it is strictly forbidden to wear German uniforms of any kind across the grounds. This also includes wearing prohibited extreme right winged symbols and signs. Who offends against this, is expelled immediately from the Venue. We distance ourselves from all radical opinions. We do not glorify the time of the Second World War, we are only interested inthe military automotive engineering of many nations that were involved during the Second World War.